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Haunted Glasses

So exciting to create a Halloween memory to last all year round!  Choose which design you would like and we show you how to paint it while you are having fun with your friends and family!     

Below is the instructional video which we have broken down into sections so you can pause or skip as you would like, but remember to make sure everyone in your party is at the same place. 

Note: If you are hosting a large party we suggest that you, The Host/Hostess, watch the video first so you can better assist your guests. 

When you are ready, simply hit PLAY below and let's get the party started!

good up close.jpg

Let's Get The Party Started

Welcome to the party! This project comes with your choice of 3 Halloween Designs. 

Please watch the Getting Set Up video first - then choose which designs you would like to paint and click on those videos.


Have an AMAZING Paint Party and we hope to see you again soon!

Getting Started

The Pumpkin Glass

The Spider Web

The Witch's Cauldron

Preserving Your Glasses

You can also PRINT instructions by clicking HERE

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