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Princess Birthday Party

Not only gorgous, it is inspirational!!!

Feel free to put any message you want on here.  While you are painting this, think of all the dreams you have. Every time you turn the lights on, you are activating your wish!  Have an amazing Time!!!

Below is the instructional video which we have broken down into sections so you can pause or skip as you would like, but remember to make sure everyone in your party is at the same place. 

Note: If you are hosting a large party (5 or more) we suggest that you, The Host/Hostess, watch the video first so you can better assist your guests. Some have even taken notes along the way. 

When you are ready, simply hit PLAY below and let's get the party started!


Let's Plan The Party

We want you to have the most amazing Birthday Paint Party and have put together a full checklist of tasks, tips, and ideas to leave your guests smiling for more. You can click on any of the Headings below and it will take you directly to that section.


If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to Live Chat or Email Us. 


We have provided you with a customizable invitation that you can print or email to all of your guests. 


This video is for the Hostess/Host of the party. Please be sure to watch this as soon as your box arrives as it will show you how to set up your party prior to your guests arriving.


When your guests arrive and you are ready to paint, simply hit Play on the Instructional Video and your guests will follow along. There are plenty of 'Pause Points' for everyone to cathc up.


This section will provide some additional tips and ideas for Food, Music, and more!


Today's the big day - don't stress - simply follow our checklist and get ready to have an amazing time!


Remember that the guest's projects are the real party favors, however, be sure to send them home with the Instruction Cards so their parents can share in preserving this for years to come.

The Party Invitation

Anchor 1

1. Click the 'Download Invitation' button below

2. Open the PDF file on your computer by double-clicking it.

3. When the file opens, you can add text for the Name, Date, Time, and Location/Address.

4. Save the file with a new file name on your computer.

Now you can email or print the invitations with all of your party details!  It's that easy.

Princess Invitation Example 2.png

Let's Get Ready For The Party

Anchor 2

The video below is for the Hostess/Host of the party (parent/guardian) and will give you a great idea on what to expect, how to set up, and how to make sure your Paint Party goes off without a hitch.

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