Ordering Tip: When ordering, simply select the Number Of Guests in your party and Quantity of 1. If you would like to order multiple boxes you can adjust the Quantity. 

What an awesome addition to your garden this year!


Collect them all!  Each month we will be coming out with 2 new designs to help you take your garden to the next level.  


What an incredibly fun activity to do with your family and friends.  What a great excuse to have another party  every month!  


These garden tiles are not only beautiful, you can interchange them every month or keep them all out and add to them every month.  Best part is, you created them yourself! 


You can do this as a large party either virtual or in person or YOU CAN DO A BOX FOR 2 YOURSELF!  


Each box is for two people and includes the following:


We provide you everything you need, including an easy-to-follow instructional video. Wait till you see how easy these are to make!  


  • Create them yourself and give as a gift that you made with love.
  • Suprise your mother, grandmother, daughter or anyone with a handmade gift for their garden.
  • Work team virtual/in person holiday party. Great for team building and they created it themselves. Special pricing for larger than 10. Contact us for more info.
  • Family over? Trying to find something to do? Have a Paint Party
  • Not going anywhere but still want to have fun?  A Paint Party is your solution!  Virtual or in person.  Either way you will have tons of fun and walk away with something you can treasure and you made it yourself.  


What's In The box?


Each Guest Gets:

1 - Tile for each guest

1 - Bottle Gloss Sealant (Mod Podge High Gloss)

Flat Paint Brush

Liner Paint Brush

2 - Sponge Paint Brushes

1 - Set of Paint to share

Including The Following Colors (1oz each):

 - Green

 - White

 - Black

 - Red

 - Yellow

 - Blue

 - Pink

 - Brown

1 - Sheet Palette Paper

5 - Practice Sheets

1 - Vinyl Felt Back Table Cover for the host

1 - Step-By-Step Instructional Video (Instructor - Marie) emailed to you 2 days after  your order.

1 - Amazing Time :)


Other items needed but not included:

- Disposable cup for water to wash brushes in.

- Paper Towels or Napkins for drying or cleaning brushes.

- Hair Dryer (Optional) for quicker dry time so that you do not have to wait for the next step. Shown i