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Every Dream Begins With A Wish!  What a wonderful inspiring and fun Canvas Party for your family and friends to do Virtually or in person!


This comes with everything you need to create a wonderful keepsake that can adorn your dresser, walls, door or give as a gift to your favorite person!  


Each of our designs comes with a step by step instructional video that will walk you through the project from how to use the brushes to setting up your paint party to creating the design to preserving your masterpiece!  


Packed in sets depending on the number of party guests you choose,  but each person gets the following:

1 - Canvas 11 x 14 - Wrapped Canvas

1 - Sets of brushes (packaged for 2) each get:

      1 liner brush

       1 Flat Brush

       1 Large Sponge Brush

       1 Small Sponge Brush

1 - 2oz Bottle of Black Paint (shared)

1 - 2oz Bottle of White Paint (shared)

1 - Jar of Glitter (shared)

1 - Silver Paint Pen (shared)

1 - Pallette Paper

1 - Practice Paper (5 sheets each)

1 oz - Gloss/Sealant To Finish Your Project (shared)

1 - Set of LED Lights w/ battery included :)

Step by Step Instructional Video - Emailed to you after your purchase - Please check your spam folder if you do not get it by the time your box arrives, has a link and sometimes goes to spam or junk folder.


Additional Items you will need:

  • Paper Towels
  • Disposable Cups for Water


Other Ideas:

  • Twine for hanging - just buy some raw twine and staple to the back of the canvas.


Remember, this is a party... music, food, drinks and more. Make it a night to remember.


Wish Lighted Canvas Party, 2 people or more

PriceFrom $54.95