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Rock Fish Bowl

What a fun project! Amazing fish bowl with fish you don't even have to feed.  

Below is the instructional video which we have broken down into sections so you can pause or skip as you would like, but remember to make sure everyone in your party is at the same place. 

Note: If you are hosting a large party (5 or more) we suggest that you, The Host/Hostess, watch the video first so you can better assist your guests. Some have even taken notes along the way. 

When you are ready, simply hit PLAY below and let's get the party started!

Fish Bowl 5.png

Let's Get Started

Individual Fish Videos

We have provided an individual video for each design so you and your party can decide which you would like to add to your bowl. Paint all of them or save some for another party!  Enjoy.

Angel Fish

Angel Fish.png

Clown Fish

Clown Fish.png

Tiger Striped Fish

Tiger Striped Fish.png

The Happy Fish

Happy Fish.png


Star Fish.png



Simple Fish For Young Artists

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