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Mr. & Mrs. Claus Glasses

What a fun way to bring your friends and family together this holiday season!  Virtual or In person this is perfect and you have a treasure for your Collection or give as a gift made from you! This is perfect for the kids and adults alike.  Have a party on Thanksgiving weekend with the family at home or virtual.  Don't forget your office Christmas Party or your Holiday family reunion.  So many possibilities and so much fun for all ages!

Below is the instructional video which we have broken down into sections so you can pause or skip as you would like, but remember to make sure everyone in your party is at the same place. 

Note: If you are hosting a large party (5 or more) we suggest that you, The Host/Hostess, watch the video first so you can better assist your guests. Some have even taken notes along the way. 

ATTENTION:  When baking the finish on the glasses you may see the white take on some of the red color and turn the white orange.  To avoid this, try to keep the white and red separate.  
If this has happened to you, it is an easy fix.  Just paint over the white again and let it air dry for 3 days.  After that you can use the glasses but gently clean them until they cure (dry)  completely in 21 days.  Then you can hand wash normally. 

When you are ready, simply hit PLAY below and let's get the party started!

Clause 3.jpg

Let's Get Started

Please watch the first chapter a few days before your party.

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